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6 Benefits of Hiring Armed Security Guards for Your Business

Private security is one of the most sought after services in the world today. Businesses and homeowners as well use the services of both unarmed and armed security guards. The question of whether or not to hire armed security guards is a personal decision. However, with the increase in insecurity, it is better to be safe and have your business guarded.
Safety is important for small and big businesses alike. This is because it is important to create a safe and secure environment for your employees and your assets. Security risks threaten people, life, premises, and the reputation of the company too.
You cannot afford to carry on the day to day running of your business without professional security guards. Still not convinced yet? Take a look at some of the benefits of armed security guards.

1. Higher Sense of Security

Having security guards at your company will definitely make any robber think twice before trying to rob you. Armed security guards heighten the security of your business, especially if you are dealing with very high-end merchandise or money.
Armed guards are trained and know when to draw their weapons; therefore, you do not have to worry that your employees are in harm’s way. They will also prevent any crime before it can even happen because your business will not be an easy target to thieves.

2. Armed Guards Are Thoroughly Trained

Before being released for any assignments, security firms always make sure that they fully train their guards. They are trained on how to handle the weapons which are also licensed and cannot be misused.
They are not only trained in weaponry but are also trained as normal security guards and have to pass the set standard of any person in their position. They are professionals at what they do.

3. Quick Response to Crime

Even if your company have a policy in place when it comes to dealing with or responding to crime, it most likely has to involve calling and waiting for the police. The benefit of armed security guards is that they are more capable to respond to any sort of crime as you wait for the police to arrive. This is because of their advanced training.
Armed guards also know how to focus on any potential problems and deal with it. They also work hand in hand with the police when needed.

4. Armed Security Are Put Through an Extensive Background Check

Private security companies always have to check the background of all their guards. However, armed guards have to go through a thorough background check given to the fact they will be entrusted with weapons. This check includes an FBI background check.
Their fingerprints have to be checked to ensure that they can be allowed to legally have a gun. If you see an armed guard, then you can be sure that they have no criminal record and are in the proper state of mind and you should not worry about them not being fit to serve.

5. Surveillance

Armed guards are always vigilant and can be able to spot crime. In America, ex-military officers are known to work with security firms after retiring from the force. With such a background and another training as a security officer, you can be confident in the security team guarding your business.
A security guard has a number of goals, which involves monitoring camera feeds, and the premises. This makes surveillance easy and you can concentrate on running your business with a peace of mind as the guards do what they are trained to do best.

6. Armed Security Guards Are the First Line of Defense

Armed security officers have been known to supplement law enforcement agencies. In case of any invasion or robbery, they know exactly what they can do to safely apprehend the culprit while keeping you and your employees safe. This is the same when they serve as personal bodyguards. They are able to prevent financial and emotional loss as well.
Since they are also familiar with the environment, they will be in a better position to help the police in an investigation if any.
Unarmed security guards have an important role to play too as far as security is concerned. However, armed guards have an added advantage because they are capable of dealing with a crime better than unarmed guards. This is why they are a better choice, especially if your business involves huge loads of cash, precious jewels, and any other high-end and sensitive dealings.
OPS security group makes sure that each guard, both armed and unarmed, is regularly trained on how to effectively serve. They are fully updated on security measures and methods of dealing with crime.
Customer service is a key tool that all guards should have. You do not need to worry that your guard will be arrogant to you or your customers because they have a weapon. Armed security guards are also equipped with good customer service skills.
When hiring an armed security guard, you should make sure that you get guards only from the best firms. You should also check:

  • Their reputation
  • Insurance and license
  • Staff training and qualifications
  • Service delivery
  • Your budget
  • Online reviews
  • Their flexibility
  • Experience
  • Response time

With security, you cannot take any risks and that is why you should do a thorough check to make sure that you have hired the best company that is in your area.

Consider Hiring Armed Security Guards for the Safety of Your Business

If you are in business and are interested to heighten the security of your business and employees as well by hiring armed security guards, then consider using a professional private security company to provide the security that you need.

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